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The Eucharist is for Real
The Most you can have on Earth... and in Heaven!...

... the Most God can Give!

    The Jesus of Bethlehem or at Calvary is exactly the same one who is in the Eucharist... a problem is that many people who met Jesus on earth didn't know he was God!... do you remember in Nazareth?: "Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary?" (Mr.6:3)...

    ... What would you have done if you had met Jesus on earth, and you knew he was God?... well, the same Jesus is now in the Eucharist!... with the same body and blood and soul and divinity... he is God... in love with you... waiting for you!.

    Real is the word... really God!... the real presence of God Himself!

    God is love... and God is humility:

    At Bethlehem he looked like a baby, he could not talk nor walk... God could not walk!... he had to be fed and cleaned... and he was really God!... the only one God!...

    ... In the Eucharist is still more humble: He looks less than a human, less than an animal or a plant, he looks just like bread and wine... he tastes like bread and wine... and he is God!... really the only one God... the same one who created the universe, the one who gave you your hands and feet and heart, the one who gives you daily the air and sun and water, and the trees and mountains and the butterflies... all the scientists have been unable to make not even a leaf of a tree!... the Jesus Christ of the Eucharist made them all!.

    At Calvary he looked like a criminal... but he was God!... shedding his blood to save you and me.

    ... In the Eucharist is the same Jesus Christ... with the same love and suffering than at Calvary... he was at the Cross for 6 hours... in the Eucharist he is already for 2000 years!... loving you, waiting for you!...  often abandoned and ignored, offended and even blasphemed by many... and the worst suffering, with the lukewarm and indifference of those who claim to know Him!...

    God is in love with you!... madly in love with you!... he is waiting for you daily, like a good lover... let yourself be loved... go every day to receive Him in the Eucharist... He wants to be the our daily bread of Matt.6:11, and if we do not eat his flesh and do not drink his blood, we will not have life in ourselves (Jn.6:53)...

    ... God Himself is really in love with you!... whoever you may be!... "For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men" (1Cor.125)... Yes, Paul calls God a fool, a madman, when he sees Him at the Cross and at the Eucharist... and full of "weakness", when He makes Himself like a man or just like bread and wine... but a weakness stronger than the universe!...

    ... There, at the Cross and in the Eucharist is all you need in life, the solution of all your problems on earth, and the most God can give to you!... even God, being God, can not give you  more than Himself made just bread and wine!... praise the Lord.

    In fact, the Eucharist is not a repetition of Calvary, but Calvary itself!, the greatest miracle of God, the miracle of time and space... every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not a repetition of the one at Calvary, but exactly the same Sacrifice of Calvary, just as if you were present next to the Cross on the first Good Friday, with Virgin Mary and John!... the greatest miracle of time and space! (Heb.7:27, 9:12,26-27).

    ... And it is not only Calvary in the Consecration... but also the Resurrection of Jesus in the Communion! in Psalm 22, that the first 22 verses are 13 prophecies fulfilled to the letter in Jesus at Calvary, but since verse 23, the crucified suddenly appears resurrected giving witness in the assembly with acts of praise, alleluia!

    And what about God the Father?: Jesus said "He who has seen me has seen the Father" (Jn.14:9)... so, the best picture of God the Father is Jesus at Bethlehem or at Calvary... all love... all humility... all power...

    ... And in the Eucharist we have Jesus, and the Father, and the Holy Spirit, and indeed all the angels and saints, because where Jesus is, there is the whole Heaven!... Jesus is never in one place and the rest of Heaven in another... it is again the miracle of time and space!... praise be the Lord one thousand times!.

     And in Heaven?: There He is!... "the lamb standing, like slaughtered" of Rev.5:6, just in the center of the Throne of Heaven, the reason of all praise and joy and singing of the angels and of the saved for an eternity.

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THE HOLY EUCHARIST : Part II : A Divine Banquet




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