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Site Update, July 9, 2017
Prayer Intention - Good Health and Recovery of H.L. Bishop Francis Micallef, OCD, Emeritus of Kuwait

We would like to inform our parishoners in Kuwait that His Lordship Bishop Francis is progressing in his treatment in Malta after undergoing radiation therapy for his lungs in June 2017. Your prayers are requested for his full recovery and good health.

Bishop's Office, July 6, 2017
Obituary - Bishop Gremoli, Emeritus of the Vicariate of S. Arabia, passed away to the Lord on 6 July 2017 in Italy

We regret to inform our faithful of the passing away of Bishop Bernard Giovanni Gremoli, Bishop Emeritus of the Apostolic Vicariate of (Southern) Arabia at the age of 91. His funeral was held on Saturday July 8, at the Capuchin Friary at Montughi, Florence. May his soul rest in peace. [Read More]

Bishop's Office, May 13, 2017
H.L. Bishop Camillo's Pastoral Message on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

Dear brothers and sisters, May the Virgin Mary protect us always! I would like to invite you to meditate... [Read More]

Bishop's Office, Apr 16, 2017
H.L. Bishop Camillo's Easter Message to the Faithful

Dear brothers and sisters, I wish you a Holy Easter. For us Christians, Easter is the base of our faith.... [Read More]

Bishop's Office, Feb 16, 2017
Kuwait: Clergy Appointment

Rev. Fr. Carlos Ceballos Medina - Assistant Priest to the Latin-Arab community and the Spanish-speaking community in the Holy Family Cathedral Parish. [Fr. Carlos' Biography]

Bishop's Office, Feb 16, 2017
Kuwait: Clergy Appointment

Rev. Fr. Johny Lonis M., OFM Cap - St. Daniel Comboni Parish as Assistant Priest. [Fr. Johny's Biography]

Site Update, Jan, 2017
Kuwait: Marriage Preparation Course Schedule (English & Malyalam)

The MPC Schedule for the year 2017 is available here.

Apostolic Nunciature, Dec 25, 2016
H.G. Archbishop Francisco M. Padilla's Christmas Message to the Faithful

Christmas is a season of joy for all the Christian world.... [Read More]

Bishop's Office, Dec 25, 2016
H.L. Bishop Camillo's Christmas Message to the Faithful

Dear brothers and sisters, A Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Christmas is the feast of the family ... [Read More]

Vicariate News, Nov 24, 2016
Father Ben is One Among “The Priestly Hundredfold” of His Small Parish in the Philippines.

Father Ben Barrameda of Salmiya Parish recently had the honour to be present at the “Centuplex” celebration in his home parish in the Philippines. [Read More]

Vicariate News, Oct 21, 2016
Apostolic Nuncio His Grace Archbishop Padilla Celebrates the Ruby Jubilee of His Priestly Ordination

The Clergy, Religious and Faithful convey their hearty congratulations and prayerful wishes to His Grace, and pray for God's continued blessings on his ministry!

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